Northern-lights 101 – everything you need to know

The nature has its own way of showing off. Northern-lights is one such way. Appearing in very minute spectrum of colors, this magnificent phenomenon of the nature has both baffled and mesmerized the world ever since it came into existence. Due to the improvement of the facilities of the world, you can now visit the very place where it takes places and witness it on your own. Not only that, since you will be able to explore around more, it is quite a memorable thing to do. But you should know certain important things beforehand. Here are some of them.

  • The country must be chosen wisely

Unlike most things, this phenomenon isn’t really concentered on one country. But what you have to focus on here is that the convenience of reaching the locations, the quality of the apparition and the average duration of apparition. There are more or less the factors that solely depend on the location. If you listed down the countries where this phenomenon can be witnessed, you would see that a group of them are closely packed together. Amongst them, the best recommend place is the capital of Iceland – that is how you choose the location wisely.

  • When should you visit?

The first thing that you should know is that this happened in the night. Not the early sunset time but the proper nighttime. It has been observed that the optimum occurrence duration is from 9PM to 1AM, which is a long window when you can comfortably enjoy. But for that to live up to the expectation, you probably book your iceland Reykjavik northern lights tour from the late august to the mid of April. That way, the phenomenon would be clearer and last longer.

  • Choose a reliable travel agent

Another thing that you should be paying attention to is the choice of the travel agent. There is no doubt that you could juts book a ticket and fly to a new country, but the picture is not as simple as that. It is about what happens once you set your foot to the country. In such a background, it is essential that you do some proper research and choose the services of a reliable service provider. As it was recommended earlier, try allocating a set for yourself in a tour because that would save you a fortune.

  • Must not to be confused with Solar Storms

Solar storms and Northern-lights are two different natural phenomena. Taking place in the night sky however, it can be identified as something that happens before the northern-lights phenomenon.



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