Important gears for a trail run

Just like a hike or trek, trail runs do need a lot of essentials that you will have to carry along with you to have a better experience. However, these trail runs can be difficult depending on the route that you be taking. There are certain things that you might need to pack up if you are going with your friends for a run.  Since you  have to keep yourself hydrated and comfortable the entire trail running. Below are some of the important essentials you will have to carry with you for a run.

Proper trail running gear

One of the most important essential is the clothing that you will need for a short run. Since you have to make sure that the cloths will fit well and not make you feel uncomfortable. Running compression socks Singapore will give you a comfortable experience during the train run. You have to choose proper trail running shoes that will keep your feet in a proper temperature. All you need is a proper gear that will fit you and you are good to go.

Have lots of water

Water is one the most essential things you need. Be it a hike/ trek or any adventure event. You have to make sure you stay hydrated during the entire journey. Since trail running will make you tired and sweat. So you have stay hydrated as much as possible. Its best you have small sips and have small breaks during the run to make yourself hydrate. Always carry a bottle that can be re-used so you can fill it in water streams on the way.

Take proper food with you

Do not carry a lot of heavy food items with you. Since you are not going for a picnic but a trail run for better fitness. It’s always best to fill your stomach up with cookies, granola bars, bananas, and cereals. Since you have to have enough energy to compete the entire run. So it’s best you fill your stomach up with these few snacks when you take a break for better energy and calories.


Stay protected from the sun

Sun can be the worst enemy especially if you are going on a run. You will get sun burnt quiet quickly. So it’s best to take a hat and sun protections along with you.  There are certain caps and hats that has wide brims and face shading views. These are ideal for mountains runs and it also covers ears and it comes with gloves incase if the temperature drops.




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