How to travel to Europe on a budget

There are so many ways to experience Europe’s charm with a tight budget. Backpacking in Europe is one of top most bucket list of every traveler. With numerous things to do and see in Europe, budget has to be considered in order for you to enjoy your stay. When travelling, it is important to know the easiest and most convenient way to see every part of your destination. Here is the list of some tips everyone should be aware of in order to save time and money while exploring beautiful travel spots in Europe.

Budget accommodation

One of the best ways to see Europe in a budget is by staying in a budget hotel or what we called hostels. While others might think that it is not comfortable to stay in hostels, it is fun and good experience as well. Most hostels have complete facilities and amenities for all your needs. If you’re lucky enough, free breakfast is commonly included in every over night stay. You just have to choose the right place in the right location. You can get to know other travellers as well that can join you or your group while exploring every piece of Europe. There are also hostels that have cheap private rooms if you do not want to share room with other people.

If you are looking for something cheaper and with more adventure, you can try camping. There are a lot of campsites available across Europe’s major cities. Just make sure that you do it on a summer time since winter in Europe can really be extremely cold.


If you are going to stay on a hostel or campsite, you will definitely have a kitchen or cooking facility. Food is one of the biggest expenses you can have when travelling, so in order for you to save you can bring or buy fresh ingredients then just cook it. You do not have to do this in all your meals. You can alternate it by cooking, and then buying cheap local food outside. By doing this, you can save lots of money and at the same time you can still try some of the country’s local food.

Restaurants close to tourist attraction are always expensive so walk a little bit further and discover cheap deals. Different food stalls are always around the corner. Just like when you are in Italy, you do not need to go on fancy restaurant to enjoy pizza; you can get at least 2 euros worth of pizza in food stalls around.


Taking a train is the best way to experience Europe in a budget, so do not forget to purchase your rail pass online before going on a flight. There are also different passes available, depending on your travel plan. There is a single country pass and complete pass that lets you take the train in all parts of Europe. If you happen to travel on a summer time, taking a bicycle is also a great idea especially when you are in Amsterdam where everybody is using bicycles. Some hotels offers free bicycles to their guest so do not forget to ask the hotel’s concierge. And when you are a bit lost, grab and uber ride are always cheaper than a city taxi.

Tourist pass

Before you go on a tour, make sure to check deals online. Sometimes, there are tourist pass offered online that covers all trains and main attraction entrances of every city free so make sure to take advantage of it. Some hotels offer this type of deals as well. All you have to do is to research and ask!

Budget airlines

Better to plan ahead so you do not have to purchase ticket last minute. Buying ticket six months to one year in advance makes a lot of difference. Also, there are two budget airlines in Europe that you can rely on, RyanAir and EasyJet. They always have cheap deals anytime for you to enjoy Europe.


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