Creative ideas for your next company outing


Company outings are a great way to reward an organization’s employees for all the hard work they put in to keep things running and make the employers happy. It is also an effective way of building team spirit and strengthening the bond between employees to bring everyone a little closer. With these at stake, the pressure of doing this in the best way possible can be immense and we are here to help you decide what you can do for the next outing of your company to make your life easier.

Go-kart racing

Go-karting is one of the best activities for any corporate entity that everyone can enjoy and compete with each other in a friendly and fun-filled manner. Look for a go-kart track in the area that offers other facilities such as video games and a bar where the troops can have a drink and grab a bite after some intense racing. You can make the event an annual one and even award the winners for their Need for Speed!

A fishing trip

This is a tricky one because most employees in your office have probably never gone fishing before and will need some convincing. But if you can manage to get everyone on board, it will turn out to be an exciting experience that they will talk about for years to come. The calm and serene waters in the country try side is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city where everyone can learn a lot about patience and survival as they spend several hours floating with their mates. Get a hold of fishing rods, buy landing net, fishing hooks and the rest if the equipment needed for the activity and arrange meals and drinks for everyone by getting things ready as early as possible.


This is a sport that is loved by everyone and is highly interactive. Bowling is best enjoyed by playing in groups, and this will be a great way to build team spirit and compete with their fellow workers in a friendly way. The ones with pro-bowling skills can go for the win and keep things fired up while the rookies can just try out their luck and goof around for the fun of it. This too can be turned into an annual event that your workers will look forward to all year.

A sporting event

If you’re struggling to allocate a whole day for the company outing because of everyone’s tight schedules, get the troops together after work to go watch a local sporting event. It will be the perfect way to relax and let loose after a busy day of work and the lively atmosphere will bring out the best of everyone and bring them closer.

A barbeque night

The perfect option for a company looking to gather everyone on a budget, where they can indulge in some juicy meat and sizzling sausages in an outdoor area with the best people. Let the office grilling masters handle the BBQ grill and don’t forget to get a hold of a few bottles of wine and beer to keep everyone’s spirits high throughout the night. Make it a point to ask each and every individual regarding their food preferences and make the necessary arrangements to provide food for the vegetarians if there are any.

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